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First round of the 2012 series of Inter-Club Galas - Bromley Green Swimming Club

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Bromley Swimming Club

The first round of the 2012 series of Inter-Club Galas held under A.S.A. Laws and Technical Rules on Saturday, 16th June, 2012 at Trinity School, Croydon

Warm up 6.00 p.m. for 6.30 p.m. Start
Competing Clubs: Beckenham, Black Lion, Bromley, Orpington O’Jays, Sevenoaks ‘A’ and Thanet.

Before this evening’s competition commences Clubs will draw for the whole series on the following basis:

Lane 1 in Gala 1 Lane 3 in Gala 2 Lane 5 in Gala 3
Lane 2 in Gala 1 Lane 1 in Gala 2 Lane 3 in Gala 3
Lane 3 in Gala 1 Lane 5 in Gala 2 Lane 6 in Gala 3
Lane 4 in Gala 1 Lane 2 in Gala 2 Lane 1 in Gala 3
Lane 5 in Gala 1 Lane 6 in Gala 2 Lane 4 in Gala 3
Lane 6 in Gala 1 Lane 4 in Gala 2 Lane 2 in Gala 3

This ensures that each Club swims only once in an outside lane (1 or 6), once in an middle lane (3 or 4) and once in one of the other two (2 or 5) and has a different Club in adjacent lanes on each occasion.

One Judge and one Timekeeper to be provided by each participating Club

Scoring: 1st - 6 points 4th - 3 points
2nd - 5 points 5th - 2 points
3rd - 4 points 6th - 1 point
Disqualification or no swimmer - 0 points.

Each swimmer to compete in a maximum of four individual events with a maximum of two in own age group

Ages as at 31st December, 2012

N.B. Minimum age in individual events 10 years
Minimum age in relays 9 years

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